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The first round of applications for entry in 2023 are now closed.

If you still wish to apply, there will be a second opportunity for you to apply on GCSE results day. Please return to this page on 24.08.2023 where instructions on how to apply will be posted. 

Already applied and got a question? Please read the FAQ's below:

1. My predicted / mock grades have changed. What should I do?

Please complete our google form ( to let us know of the changes. You’ll get a copy of your response so you will know that we’ve received your updated grades.

2. I haven’t got my mock or predicted grades yet, what should I do?

Don’t worry! You won't be able to submit your form until 9th January without your grades. After 9th January, you’ll be able to submit your application without the grades and then submit your grades using the form ( once you receive them.

3. The form won’t let me save a section, why is this?

You need to complete all the required questions in each section before you can save it. You can move between sections without saving, but then any information you’ve entered will be lost.

If you don’t have your mock or predicted grades yet then you won’t be able to save anything in the ‘Education’ section at the moment. Please return to this section after 9th January (see Q2).

4. How do I know that you’ve received my application?

Please check the Applicaa website as it should be clear whether your application is complete (and submitted).

5. I need to make changes to my application form after submitting it. What should I do?

Please complete this form:

6. When will I hear back about my application?

We were expecting to communicate all decisions to students before the Easter break, however, due to a high number of applications this process is taking longer than expected. We are now hoping to have done this communication sent out by the end of the Easter break.  Please don’t contact the school asking for the outcome of your application before this time. Please check the email address you registered with regularly, so that you don’t miss any updates.

7. I’ve missed the deadline for applications. What should I do?

You will be able to apply again on GCSE results day (24.08.2023). Please check the school website on results day for more information.

8. I wasn’t offered a place in the first round, will I be able to apply again?

Yes, you will be able to apply again on GCSE results day (24.08.2023). Please check the school website on results day for more information.

9. Do I need to ask my referee to send you a reference?

No, we will make contact with referees as required.

10. I can't find an answer to my query above, what shall I do?

Please email and someone will reply as soon as possible.